Nvidia (NVDA) has regained its status as Wall Street's market darling. 

– The company's upbeat AI-fueled earnings call and strong outlook surprised even bullish analysts.

NVDA shares surged 27% in trading on Thursday, outperforming analyst estimates. 

Nvidia's ticker page on Yahoo Finance was the most active, with high investor interest. 

Competitors like AMD (AMD) and Intel (INTC) also experienced increased activity on the platform. 

If the gains in Nvidia hold, the company's market value would rise more than $200 billion, marking the biggest one-day rise in history 

Apple's $191 billion pop in November 2022 is the current record holder. 

The company expects second-quarter revenue to be around $11 billion, with a margin of error of 2%. Wall Street had anticipated $7.2 billion.